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  Step 1 - Define menu content  
  • Import a CSV file
    Import a file created with excel. The file has 3 columns (Level Number, Menu Title, Menu URL).
    The columns are separated with ";". This file is checked and stored into menu.txt.
    Check the "Backslash-Apostrophe" bug.

      Step 2 - Configure colors  
  • User-Friendly Javascript Color Choice
    User will be able to choose his colors and see the results on the fly. (Maybe with an applet ?)
  • Shadow Enhancement
    The text shadow could be multidirectional (8 directions possible). Each of the 8 shadows could be displayed or not, and the color of each shadow could be chosen separately.

      Step 3 - Configure program settings  
  • Add extra explainations.
  • Add "Browse" buttons for image file choice.
  • Add a "multi-project" feature.

      Step 4 - Create images  

      Step 5 - Preview menus  
  • Add a "No Cache" HTTP header.

      Step 6 - Configure Menu Positions  
  • Add extra explainations.
  • Modify $Step? calculations.

      Step 7 - Menu Building  
  • Add a "No Cache" HTTP header in generated HTML.
  • Find a way to gather everything in one .JS file.